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So those are the ideas. I told you it is not going to be about hearts and flowers, and romance, but it is about the truth, see. If you understand this, then when you are disappointed in your relationship, you can understand why, of course. All these false expectations, they go. You don’t expect to get something where there is nothing to be gotten. Knowledge is the most valuable thing, ignorance is the worst thing, you see. So we need to educate ourselves spiritually.

And along the way by practicing these activities of bhakti yoga we can develop more and more desire to move into this spiritual dimension, see, really have desire to move there. And when you desire to do something, it becomes very easy, you see. If you want to do something, it is easy. If you don’t want, it is impossible. That is the science of bhakti yoga. You live a lifestyle that cultivates this desire, that purifies our desires.

And the main activity of all activities that makes this possible is these mantras, mantra-meditation. My spiritual master said it so perfectly, “No one can be truly happy or truly satisfied until they are tasting love for God. And the easiest way to come to the transcendental platform of love for the Lord is by regularly hearing and chanting His Holy Names.”

These mantras are the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord. If you regularly hear and chant these mantras, you can come to that platform. And then you can be truly happy and truly satisfied.

And along the way to this perfection of true happiness and true satisfaction you get more and more happy, and more and more satisfied. There are so many degrees and along the way it is better and better, and better. There is everything to gain and there is nothing to lose, it is a win-win situation, across the board. And again I know so many people that have done this and their lives have become completely, completely different, changed completely.
So what we are going to do now is we are going to do one more meditation with these mantras, because they are so valuable. And I would like for you to learn the mantras, take them home with you. There is a second card and it has two more mantras: HARIBOL NITAI-GAUR, NITAI-GAUR HARIBOL and GOPALA GOVINDA RAMA MADANA-MOHANA.

Let’s say the words again just to get our pronunciation correct if they are unfamiliar to some people. I will say the mantra, then you can repeat. Ok, you guys were great last time, let’s do it again. Here we go.



(repeated with the audience twice)

All right. Our technique is different but you already know the technique. It is called singing. Everybody knows how to sing. (laughs) Don’t worry about the quality of your singing voice. It is not a talent show, this is a meditation. So I am going to play guitar and chant the mantra while you listen. Then you chant the mantra while I listen. So it is back and forth. It is like that, ok?

Again, try to relax, chant the mantras, listen to the sound and you will be moving more and more into this transcendental realm. This is the realm of transcendence.


All right, that is a very nice meditation. It is called sankirtan. And again, you come together congregationally, you don’t care who people are, where they are from, what they did, what they didn’t do, you just come together and chant. It is equalizing, it doesn’t matter what. This is the harmonizing formula for this age we are living right now. So it puts us in contact with that spiritual realm and ultimately that Divine love. This is part… I would say it is a major part of the bhakti yoga process. Anyone can certainly do that.

Thank you very much. Haribol! (Applause)

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